Gregory Nasmyth

Gregory Nasmyth was educated at St David’s University College, Lampeter. While reading Environmental Studies, Greg first became concerned about green issues. For many years Greg worked as a journalist covering a broad range of topics. Following the sale of Argus Media in August 2016, a company founded by Greg’s father, Jan Nasmyth, Greg now supports environmental and progressive causes in the UK and around the world, including but not limited to, alternative energy and environmentalism, international co-operation and the rights and protection of refugees.


Samantha Rowe-Beddoe

Samantha Rowe-Beddoe has been involved in drama therapy for children and families since graduating in Theatre Studies from Warwick University.
Following her work with The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in the US she helped to set up the Barretstown Gang Camp in Ireland.

Samantha has worked in the field of drama and family conflict resolution throughout her career and studied for a PG in Analytical Observational Studies from 2009-2012. Her particular interest is the protection and empowerment of women and children, both in the UK and around the world.