Gregory Nasmyth and his wife Samantha Rowe-Beddoe are proud to have extended their philanthropic support of charities and individuals


The charities and organisations that they support reflect the strong personal interests of both them and their family. A family foundation is being set up in 2017 which will be able to continue and grow the couple's support for the different charities that they have taken to their hearts. The foundation will also look at setting up its own charitable causes, causes that will reflect both Gregory and Samantha's interests, both globally and in the UK including issues that affect our planet, our freedom and liberty and our women
and children. 

Please direct all general and press enquiries to Deeson & Deeson Ltd.

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our charities

We are delighted to work with a wide range of partners, charities, individuals and organisations, that seek to help those most
in need

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our background

Gregory Nasmyth and Samantha Rowe-Beddoe have over their lifetimes developed a strong interest in environmental and humanitarian concerns

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